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 A special welcome to my new fans across the world for World Music Day, sponsored by Musicians Without Borders. I will be performing the following song, "You Don't Know My World" especially for this celebration. It was written about four years ago from a songwriting prompt issued through Timmy Riordan's Fearless Songwriter Site from Tracy Grammer.

You Don’t Know My World   (key of D)

@2012 by Michael Gutierrez-May

            D                                 F#m                                       G

We may travel the same paths, but you don't know my world.

             D                                                        F#m                               G

You don't know my pain, my beauty, you don't know my joy.

                    Dmaj7                               F#m                              G

But we are still together in this neighborhood called Earth

         Bm                                G             A             D

I will try to do no harm, I will care for you.


             D                                                F#m                               G

We are clear across the country, you don't know my world

                 D                                                                            F#m             G            

You don't know my streets, my sidewalks or the places that I rest.

                  Dmaj7                 F#m                            G

But we are still together In this neighborhood called Earth.

                   Bm                          G       A          D                      

And we are all connected, I will care for you.


         F#m        G                        F#m            G

I am here for now, I will be gone someday.

             Bm                                            A

You will go about your life, our paths will never cross.


D                                                                             F#m                       G                            

We are awake while you are sleeping, you don't know my world.

               D                                                              F#m                                G

It will be several hours later before life's shadows reach your shores.

                  Dmaj7               GMaj7

But we are still together, we are all connected,

         Bm                                  G      A         D

I will try to do no harm, I will care for you.


(repeat bridge and final verse, last line twice)

Michael Gutierrez-May,  August 2012


May music continue to heal the world's soul.

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