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My new single from the album is out on CD Baby, "life Is Beautiful/Bicycles to Somalia" and will also be available for general distribution. Featuring beautiful and remarkable percussion by Jahnu Jnana, this song is unlike anything I have done before. Go to Music Samples to hear it!

I have been working on my first full-length album, recording at Rich Kneeland's home studio in Pomfret, Conn. This process has been a real gift to me: first drafts of all songs on the album are done, I am being advised on production by Stephen Martin and Eric "Snake" Gullliksen, the leaders of the Stephen and the Snake Band very shortly coming out with their own album (and Snake is also producing his own solo album with Rich) and I have rich collaboration resources to fill out the sound of the album. Snake is also the lead producer on this album. My niece Ashley Mauzy has designed the album cover and the album title will be "Firefly in a Jar of Emotion." This is her cover design:



Ashley is a graphics design major and competitive swimmer for the Liberty University swim team in Lynchburg, VA. I am very proud to feature her work on my album. I don't have a deadline for the album but it will hopefully be ready by Summer, 2017. Lyrics for the songs are now posted on this website under Firefly In a Jar of Emotion.

 To contact me: Mikegtz22@aol.com or text at 508-415-5096.

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