Welcome to my new pages for music and songwriting. It's 2015 and I have been living in South Central Mass (Uxbridge) since June,2014. I hope to complete a new album this year which I am tenatively titling "Art" but while getting this together, I will continue to perform at open mikes in this area (and from time to time, back on the South Shore) and feature when I can. This February, I participated in February Album Writing Month for the 7th year. About half of my songs this time were collaborations. I hope to post these new songs and also perform some of these songs throughout the Spring where I can.

I have two albums to date:  My first EP/Album, Fifty Miles Away was completed in May, 2011 featuring five studio recordings with contributions from musician friends near and far away. My second album, Carrots, Geese and The Dead Leprechaun was completed in July, 2012 as a compilation of live recordings. These are some of the humorous songs I have written and it is available as a digital download album. Both albums are available on CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon.com and Bandcamp.com and they are also available as downloads on Spotify.

I also have two singles on CD Baby and ITunes, I Will Miss You When You Go, which is myself solo and Taliesen, where I wrote the lyrics but Kristian Borresen did the music and Chip Withrow sings lead vocal. Chip also lent a helping hand to my original lyrics. Both singles were re-mixed and produced by noted British producer Stuart Epps. He did a really nice job on both songs. Thank you, Stuart.

Music and songwriting has always been my most active hobby and it's very cool to be entering the fray, however modestly at this point in my life. I'm still going to be a social worker/therapist but now I can be a musician, songwriter and performer, too. Always wanted that.

This is my most recent video photographed in Dayville, Ct.:


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