Welcome to my new pages for music and songwriting. It's almost June, 2015 and I have been living in South Central Mass (Uxbridge) since last June,2014. One year, living with my partner Diane in what is quickly becoming Solar Town. This February, 2015, I participated in February Album Writing Month for the 7th year. About half of my songs this time were collaborations, several with artists I had never met before this year. I hope to perform some of these songs throughout the Spring and Summer where I can.

Music and songwriting has always been my most active hobby. I'm still going to be a social worker/therapist but now I can be a musician, songwriter and performer, too. Look for me at RISA events or maybe at events sponsored by New England to Nashville (NETN) in the coming months.

This is a recent video photographed in Dayville, Ct. and the song is titled "Dayville Waltz."


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