Carrots, Geese and The Dead Leprechaun

So the title of my "funny songs" album came to me this past Thanksgiving weekend. So far in my recent performing career, I have two genuine hits, The Carrot Song and I Hate Geese. The Dead Leprechaun, of course, is irresistable, inspired by my friend Robyn MacKenzie (the wonderfully talented violinist on Gabrielle) and a song she wrote for 5090 in 2010. I am thinking of 12 songs for this album and I would like them all to be live recordings from my home base, the fabulous Catbird Cafe in South Weymouth, Mass.I have Eric (Snake) Gulliksen working with me on this. Since last March, all the Catbird shows have been unobtrusively recorded for posterity by Snake. Many of the songs for this album should come from my May 27th concert and some of the songs are more recent. Hopefully I can pull this together in the next month or two.

Some nice things have been happening lately with a couple of my songs. Interestingly enough, they are two more songs from my FAWM 2011 session and both are collaborations, which we do so very well on that site. Producer Evan Feist is shopping around my song Open The Wall (also featuring Michael Aquino and Emilia Badaracco from FAWM 2011) for placement in a movie, attracted by the tradeoff of English and Spanish lyrics in the song.  The song Endless To You which I did with Petra Cook from FAWM 2011 is going to be played and promoted as part of Lacy Darryl Phillips's Ultimate Underground series at KLED-FM in Los Angeles. I may do a second production collab with Stuart Epps from the UK on the Taliesen song I wrote with Kristian Borresen and Chip Withrow. The ball keeps rolling.

My next scheduled appearance will be Friday, January 27th, opening up our Songwiriters in the Round series with Stephen Martin and Nanci Hobson from 7:30-9pm at Catbird Cafe. At the same time and every time we do the Songwriter series, we will also be featuring singling lessons with the versatile and talented Colette O'Connor. Both events are $10. I would like to get a performing gig sometime during the month of December, hoping that maybe a First Night appearance will come through somewhere. I have been in talks to perform at a certain well known music club in Cambridge, Mass where I volunteered for two years during the 1990's. Keep you posted on that one. 

All for the moment. Happy holidays. Please sign up for the Michael Gutierrez-Mayling list on this site and I will keep you posted on important events.


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