Falling into Fall, 2011

The rains are falling as I write this, the temperature is edging ever cooler and I have just come back from a wonderful week's vacation in Southwest Virginia, where I got to visit Floyd, home of the annual Woodstock-esque Floydfest that happens there every July. I didn't get to see my friend Phil Norman in performance, but I did see this unique individual calling himself Joe Buck Yourself who is a talent to watch. combining traditional country songs with his original punk material. He was once a sideman for Hank Williams III (you know, the guy who was ready for some football but not quite ready for prime time on his views of Barack Obama). He plays a mean guitar.

I'm looking forward to my two November gigs and I am still hoping something can come through so I can play a show with Eric (Snake) Gulliksen and Colette O'Connor at Harvest Cafe in Hudson or elsewhere. I have done a few open mike profiles for my friend Michael Aquino in New Jersey which I may repost here. I want to do two more on the Re-Tunes Open Mike in Pembroke and Cafe Arpeggio's open mike in New Bedford, both on Thursday nights and I could also do a third on the Tuesday night open mike at Tinker's Son in Norwell. I get around, as Brian Wilson once said. I'm taking a regional approach in my "mini-career" strategy and in fact, I am available for performances and opening sets anywhere within a two-hour drive in the winter months and into New Jersey, New York, New Hamsphire and Vermont for the rest of the year. I could also do Maine and Montreal on a dare-playing in Montreal would be a dream come true.

So that is the update, which I figure I should do at least every 3-4 months here. Hoping the rest of 2011 goes well for all of us.

Mike GM


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