It's 2012 Already

A brief entry as I have not written anything since the end of last November and a few new things have happened since then. Once again this year, I completed the February Album Writing Month with 18 songs. Several friends on the site have come up with new CD Product since the beginning of the year, in particular Jodi Arlyn, Flo Paris, Mike Skliar, Debs and Errol and Jacqui and Geoff.  Other projects are also in process from Kristian Borresen and Leslie Stahl and my new local friend Beth De Sombre. What is particularly nice to see is all the collaborative work going on and people from the site helping others, much like people helped me out last May. Fifty Miles Away turns one year old next month and I now have copies in paper stock which I can actually sign for people. 

The live recordings album is still coming together. I have enough live tracks now, it's just a matter of mastering and feeling reasonably happy with what I might put out there. Still going with the "Carrots, Geese and One Dead Leprechaun" title. My object for this album and the next one will be to have 12 selections. 

Two live performances are coming up in May and July (see Calendar). I hope I can get a couple more scheduled. I am averaging 1-2 open mike performances a week and I plan to continue doing this. I promised myself I would do one music conference and one songwriting workshop this year. The Songwriting series at Catbird is up and running and I will probably book this for next January and April, 2013 during the summer. After tonight, two more good shows are coming up in July and October. I have tenative plans to go to Las Vegas for the first time in my life this coming November and maybe there will be something interesting out there. 

Stay tuned, hopefully another update coming soon. 


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