Mini-Blog #1

Sometimes I don't have enough news or thoughts to fill up a decent sized blog. At those times, you, dear reader are likely to see this: the Mini-Blog. My effort to keep things current.

You might not know that for the last year or two, I have had my songs played on what was known as and is now known as It costs about $30 per month but for me, it is worth it as I have been getting a steady stream of listeners and some fans and e-mail addresses. As I am figuring out what to do next with my music career, building the fan base, even if those fans are far away is a good thing. It also gives me an idea of what songs resonate most with people. My song, I Will Miss You When You Go is doing the best with the most likes and the most listens followed by Sunday Afternoon 5pm and Taliesen.

In addition to myself, I feel it is important to support our younger up and coming local musician talent by showing up at performances and buying albums. I think the three best people right now are Jay Psaros, Danielle Miraglia and Sarah Blacker and all three are trying to make a living off of their music and getting good recognition and exposure. The Bridging The Music series which is continuing now through Mid-July at Midway Cafe is perhaps going a little too much along American Idol lines in the choice of its showcase winners, but these showcases really have shown what talent is out there and my showcase was a great networking opportunity with other musicians I hope to see more in the coming months.

The move to South Central Mass is coming at some point. That will be the next new adventure, but I am looking forward to doing it and reintegrating myself into the music scene in that area.


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