One Month Later

It has already been a month.

The Marathon bombing is the first successful act of terror on American soil since September 11, 2001. That particular day, I was driving to see Peg Waller, my LICSW supervisor from my home in Taunton to Brookline. Our appointment was for 9am and just before I got to Peg's house, I heard Kim Zandy on PRO-FM say over the radio " A plane just hit the World Trade Center, I kid you not." The rest of that day was incredibly surreal and I can only imagine what it was like for people living in New York City. I have talked to a couple people from NYC about their experiences from that day and they still really can't talk about it for very long. That is what it is like when your fundamental feelings of safety are shaken at the core.

Interesting that the next significant successful terrorism event would be here in Boston. Never could imagine something happening here, much less happening at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. For a brief moment, the thought was "this can't be happening". Then the images on TV, over and over again. Yep, it happened. Double yep, it was horrible, involving both loss of life and limb in two separate places on Boylston Street. Then the remarkable drama that played out for the rest of the week, much briefer in part due to our social media culture. The FBI was forced to make public their suspects, with the predictable unforseen consequences. Then the acts of bravery at the time it happened, the surprisingly brave act of someone running out of his hijacked car to call the police from across the street, the remarkable effectiveness of the police force in Watertown no less and the final act of bravery by someone who noticed something was wrong in his backyard and dropped a dime just as the search was being called off for the night. Looking back, it was already pretty breathtaking. 

It could have been worse. It could have taken place during the July 4th Hatch Shell Celebration (and security will be very tight to make sure it doesn't I hope). But it was bad enough. The local music community has been stepping forward with exuberance to help with fundraising and restore spirits. This is what music can do, help us restore our spirits and feelings of safety and brother/sisterhood. I wish I was here this coming Saturday to see the event planned on the Boston Common involving 350 local musicians, bands and choral groups. It will be amazing. The One Fund has been a success right out of the gate. There have already been at least 20 fundraising events for the One Fund and the Campbell and Ritchie families, And my friend Colette O'Connor seems to have come up with the theme song, Risin'Up, for our particular recovery, which she opened with at Johnny D's last night. That is also cool. Here is the link for her song:

I could go on. There is a book worth of material out of all that has happened. But let me make the point that the arts community here has really swung into action and acted much like first responders on a spiritual level. Which is how it should be and hopefully will continue to be for awhile. Complacency and apathy are our enemies at this time. We should keep things going up to and beyond this coming July 4th. But also, on a global level, we do need to act as our fellow human beings' keeper and work to promote peace and prevent violence and destruction of all kinds everywhere. Try and do no harm. Don't be evil. Pass the word.


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October 21, 2013 @10:20 am
I'm so happy you participated! I was put off by a comemnt I received, I just need to vent to someone! i'm not being silent i'm doing something to help instead! As if my silence was doing nothing? Did I take this the wrong way?! Harumph!Hope you're enjoying your weekend, and that you guys finally have some nice weather!

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