September arrives, Fall not far behind

As the Boston area is so attuned to the circadian rhythms of students arriving for their studies every September (and in 1980, I was one of them), September is pretty much the start of the performing season. I have two gigs this month and I would love to average two gigs a month where I am a feature or share the spotlight this coming year. So consider this a general invite to anyone who comes across this site-I am ready and willing for performance employment. I don't go over very well in noisy bars but if you need someone to perform some original songs for an event or luncheon or coffeehouse opener or social club, I will be happy to answer your call. The best way to reach me is email at and from there I can give you my cellphone number or home number. 

I really am starting to perform with more confidence. I did a brand new song last Saturday night at Catbird and it was a little rough but I know that is because it was new and maybe not quite finished. I have stopped blaming things like this on myself, but see this as a course correction to be made. I am most comfortable doing original songs but with some practice, I can pull out at least a few covers. Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, maybe a little Bruce Springsteen (Sandy is one of my very favorite covers to perform). The Cover Me party at Mediator Stage showed me the value of performing the work of ones peers and I plan to continue sharing Donald Tassone's Happy Garden Gnome song when the right occasion arises. Of course, it is always great to hear others doing your songs, too.

I just got a new flat screen TV and one of the first self-indulgent things I did was to use its internet compatability to pull up a few of my You Tube videos. Much easier to watch this way. So if anyone out there has flat screen smart TVs, you can do the same thing I did and see me up close and personal. At work, one of the docs stumbled across my Route 18 video performance on You Tube (via Retunes) and apparently shared it with the rest of the emergency room. You just don't know where you are going to turn up sometimes. 

Anyway, looking forward to the new year, enjoying the nice weather while it is here, hoping for another mild winter and summer solstice will arrive at the end of the week.

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