Shelter From The Storm

I grew up with hurricanes in South Florida (lived there three years). One hurricane, Hurricane Cleo, split the tree in our front yard and blew out car through the carport. Hurricanes are both awesome and destructive as heck. I am hoping we are not going to experience something like South Florida went through with Hurricane Andrew many years ago or New Orleans and Mississippi went through with Hurricane Katrina. I am typing this as I am watching the nonstop television coverage, interspersed of course with political commercials. To be partisan, I hope Scott Brown gets blown out of office come Tuesday, November 6th by the most excellent Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth got the all-important Boston Globe endorsement earlier today (my local Patriot ledger endorsed Brown but had nice words for Elizabeth while doing so). How often do you get to elect a political candidate you will be proud of? We have that opportunity in about a week or so. I think it is going to happen. In the war of Rove vs Warren, Warren is winning. And Brown never deserved to be a US Senator, anyway.

 I have been at a little bit of an impasse with my songwriting as my emotional energy goes into things political and elsewhere. I had the opportunity to go to the NERFA conference in New York in two weeks. I wasn't ready, maybe I will be next year. I promised myself one conference and one workshop series this year. Haven't done it. I think it is a temporary impasse. Need to recharge a little bit. For right now, maybe I have to listen to other artists for a little while. Nothing wrong with that.

Interesting timing with this storm, a cold front meets hurricane winds meets the full moon. Is this what the Mayans were forecasting about 2012? We will see what this all has wrought this time next week. See you then and see you in person if you can make the variety show at Chapman Middle School in Weymouth, Thursday, November 8th. 

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