Spring-Call Me Maybe?

Hello again. I fear we are entering another ambivalent Spring here in New England. Living here, I never know if Spring is actually going to happen or will the winter weather drag on into June like it has done so many years in the past. It's probably the thing I miss most about living down in Virginia where I originally come from. Come March and April, spring was definitely happening. Cripes, you knew that even in New Jersey. Up here, not so much. Last year with the mild winter was an exception to this often too dreary rule. This year, who the heck knows?

But in three months life is changing for me, as I move to Uxbridge, Mass to live with my sweetie, Diane. Over the three years I have known her, I have gotten to love her more and it is time to make the big change. Hopefully, we are together for many years to come. I have been spending a little more time in South Central Mass and Rhode Island in the past couple months. I hope to join both the Metrowest/Worcester music community and the Providence music community while I am living there. Uxbridge is smack in the middle between Worcester and Providence. The history of the Blackstone River Valley and its potential for revitalization fascinates me. A significant investment in infrastructure repair would make that area an amazing place to live, as all the towns and roads are already connected. 

Music wise, I have three or four album projects that I could work on. I don't think I am quite ready for a crowdsourcing Kickstarter like project. I think Amanda Palmer has a good point in that we as artists should make it as easy as possible for people to show their support for your artistic endeavors and ask them to help you, as opposed to making them buy what you have to offer. I would like to do that at some point. Recently, artist friends like Sarah Blacker, Jay Psaros, Evan Wolverton and Jill Miller have been successful doing this. It's a useful paradigm shift and I think you can do it with or without the support of a record label. 

These projects are, in rough order the Hull songs, the Nueva Cancion songs, an album of song collaboration projects (which would include Taliesen, Sunday Afternoon 5pm, Along For the Ride, If You Were Looking and several others) and then finally an album of original songs. This is probably about two years' worth of work. It would be wonderful if I could do all of it. Stay tuned for further developments.


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