The Birth of Fifty Miles Away

  •  Big News for those who don't know-I expect to receive the first shipment of my five song EP, Fifty Miles Away next week. It's cheap, only $7.99 on CD Baby for physical copy, $6.99 for digital album download and $5.00 from me in person. I am hoping everyone will want their own copy, which features the remarkable contributions of Deborah Linden (Fifty Miles Away, Gabrielle), Stephen Martin and Colette O'Connor (Albino and Transvestite, Groucho), Nancy Rost (Albino and Transvestite), Jacqui Carnall (Tea and Aspirin) and Robyn MacKenzie (Gabrielle). Discmasters outdid themselves on the inside cover art and I think you will want it.

    This is a watershed moment for me. I've been writing songs for a long time but getting this together, which actually happened pretty quickly is not something I have been able to do in the past. Much of the credit belongs to February Album Writing Month where I have participated for the past four years in the challenge and many exceptional collaborations. I have been successful with the challenge all four years and my songwriting acumen is so much better as a result.

    I also want to thank Stephen, Eric (Snake) and the Catbird Cafe here in South Weymouth for resurrecting my performing self. Here I got to meet Stephen Martin and Colette O'Connor and if you go to Colette's page, you will see her pay a similar tribute to a performance space which believes in its performers and their potential to take on the world. The entire South Shore songwriter community, currently growing by leaps and bounds, owes Catbird a debt of gratitude.

    Stay tuned, world, you will be hearing much more from us and hopefully also from me.



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