Welcome 2013-who the heck are Muffin and Cuppycake?

So I begin the New Year with an attempt to answer that most vexing of questions, for me at least: Who the Heck are Muffin and Cuppycake and are they still together and for the rest of their lives? There they are on my webpage photo sitting right below my right hand. The photo was taken at the Scargo Tower in Dennis, Mass on the Cape. Were they summer visitors? Were they eaten by sharks in Chatham? 

I don't know who they are and even Google was not much help in finding out the answer. I came upon this Pininterest website which at least tries to illustrate my dilemma: There is a store in Omaha, Nebraska (of all places) called Cuppycakes which has been featured on the Food Network. Muffins and cupcakes obviously go together but there is the subtlety of their baking which keeps the two distinct. Here is a site which tries to explain the difference between the two:

And there is the cuppycake song, which is more of a chorus than a song. Kind of catchy: The search for the missing couple continues...

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