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Michael Gutierrez-May


Two people walking out of a building
They never met before
One whom was carrying something heavy
The other held the door.
One was leaving to go far away
The other right next door.

Two people walking out of a building
They never met before
One who was married with adult children
The other had no more
One who was worried she would be late
The other was going to the store.

One spent a while looking at the other
That could be me, she guessed.
Then she got a text message saying "Where are you?"
And thought it was all for the best.

Two people walking out of a building
Some city somewhere, late afternoon
And they never met, except for that one time
Two people walking,
Two people walking...

Michael Gutierrez-May, February 2015

Michael Gutierrez-May


"I'll go and speak to her myself,"
So Grace O'Malley did decree
The leader of a Gaelic clan
The year was 1593
A brutal British governor
Sir Richard Bingham was his name
Stole the cattle on Grace's lands
Her youngest son he put in chains
Grace was not one to be denied
From Rockfleet Castle she set sail
Arrived untouched on British soil
She made her way across the Pale
"Let's see how tough she is, how mean,"
Said Grace the pirate about the Queen

Born into a gentry clan
Grace rode the waves as a young lass
The British would levy every ship
So Grace and her clan would levy back
Called her a pirate for her trouble
Mad marauder of the sea
200 fighters by her side
She was more than a match for a queen's decree
But the clans of Ireland were divided
The common enemy was Spain
Elizabeth had defeated them and the British navy reigned supreme.
So they brought her in for questioning
Before the pirate could see the Queen

18 questions put to her
18 questions she answered back
Grace would see Elizabeth
Without the fear of an attack
Grace made her way to Greenwich castle
Elizabeth would see her there
And when the two were eye to eye
They saw each other standing there.
Two women who commanded armies
In their 60's, in their prime
And though their nations stood opposed
Fighting would wait for another time.
Nothing was at all routine
When the pirate met the Queen

When Grace returned to Ireland
Her son was ordered to be freed
And she would keep her land and cattle
Sir Richard would be gone
And in return, Grace would keep the peace
And trouble British ships no more
It was at the dawn of herstory
When the pirate met the Queen.

-Michael Gutierrez-May, February 2015

Michael Gutierrez-May


Why don't they clean the side streets in Worcester?
Doin' the Worcester Slide.
So you got snow? Aren't you used to it?
Doin' the Worcester Slide

Here I go down the side street
Here I am hitting parked cars
Here I am bouncing off snowbanks
I'm doin' the Worcester Slide

Cars buried in three feet of snow
Doin' the Worcester Slide
Why don't they tow them? I don't know.
Doin' the Worcester Slide

Right now you're number one in accumulation
Doin' the Worcester Slide
In chaos and wrecks, you're leading the nation
Doin' the Worcester Slide

Chandler Street hill, down I gooooooo....

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