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Michael Gutierrez-May


Letters lined up A-Z

Numbers lined up 1,2,3 and the battle begins


Graffiti on a subway train

Number 2 coming out of the Bronx

Coming to battle the A Line, the C Line, the E Line

Here comes number 6 out of Brooklyn

Here comes number 7 out of Queens

Gloriousness, the master presides: Rammellzee


No passengers in the middle of the night

Just us trains here

Our master emblazons our battle gear

The beat is the rumble of the trains

Heading into town in the middle of the night

Our master approves: Rammellzee


A collage in a gallery

Remnants collide in a studio in Tribeca

Together in the sacred equation: MME equals ZEE

And it all fits together and it all makes  sense

Beat box finds the rhythm of city life

I am, I am, I am Rammellzee

                                                                                                                Michael  Gutierrez-May, October 2019

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