FAWM madness is over. So many nice and thoughtful songs just everywhere. Some pretty and provocative Electronice. My collabs are different this year and I wrote more of my own songs. I definitely came up with some keepers I will do more with. Here is the link to this year's page:


FAWM is up and running and my first two songs are up on site. Everyone is off to a great start. The link to my FAWM page for the songs is

And yes, Go Patriots. After tonight, they will need to call Tom Brady sixfinger.


Happy new year, everyone. 2019 is starting out quiet for me, which is fine. Hoping it will be a good year. This is the year I turn 64 (will you still need me, will you still feed me...). I will be starting this year out the way I have done for the past 12 years and participating in the 14 songs in 28 days challenge known as February Album Writing Month at Participants all over the world join in and while it is mostly English-speaking, it is not exclusively so.  It's a great bubble bath for creativity and I have made many nice friends over the world by being part of this.

Another worldwide community of musicians online is which is managed by a metal guitarist named Melina Krumova and a group of friends from Bulgaria. The software has its problems -I think they could use help there, But I like the idea and people there. I think more people should know about it. My friend Colette O'Connor led me to Drooble and I thank her.

One booking: May 30th at Mediator Stage in Providence as a feature. Looking to get to a couple of the Boston and Cambridge open mikes and do some features this year. Also hoping for a couple songwriter showcases. This year's theme is Open To Opportunity!


I am posting publicly my collaboration project with Peter Watkinson and Marie Tueje from 2009, Sunday Afternoon 5pm for the first time in the hopes of making it onto some streaming playlists. I have always been very proud of this and it really was a happy accident. I posted lyrics, couldn't think of music for them and then the lyrics were found by Marie Tueje and Peter Watkinson who were paired for a collaboration through February Album Writing Month that year. The result was this incredible song.  This is the link through Bandcamp but it is now also on Soundcloud and will be distributed through CD Baby in the near future.


And here is the Spotify link for the song:


A great opportunity came across my path earlier this week. I was contacted by Evangeline Joy (Evie Joy) from New York City to be one of her supporting acts this coming Friday 9/21 at the Beatnik's Club in Worcester. I hadn't met her before, I looked her up and I jumped at the chance: she's really quite good! Look her up at for more information. We will also be joined by ukulele aficionado Amazing Dick who will open up the night. We are on between 9pm-12 midnight. Beatnik's is at 433 Park Street not far from Clark University.

In October, I will be returning to The Hearing Room in Lowell to be part of a singer-songwriter benefit performance Sunday October 14th between 2-5pm. Colette O'Connor among others will be joining me there and it should be crazy fun. The benefit cover is $10 and the Hearing Room is at

More good news on the way for later this Fall...




The Porchfest and the Social Networking site: On September 8th as noted on my Calendar, I will be participating in the Hull Porchfest which is happening in Hull, Mass (of course) from 12 noon-6pm. I'll be one of hundreds of musicians participating. I will be performing at 31 Waltham Street from 4-5pm. In the footsteps of my musician friend Colette O'Connor, I am also working today to build my profile on Drooble (, which is intending to be a social networking site for musicians and seems to be off to a decent start. Three songs are now up on site: Air, You Can't Take My Carrot and Once There Was Paragon, all of which I will be playing for the porchfest.


I have decided to jump into the Catch The Moon 8-Day Sync Songwriting Challenge. Today is Day 2 and I'm off and running, picking a theme, a target for pitching, putting together a playlist of songs on this theme and finding an accountability partner, who is Amy Goloby Dullum (at The 8-Day Group is a closed group but information about Catch The Moon and its intrepid founder, Cathy Heller can be found here:

Everyone on the site it seems has an Instagram account and so I have decided to resurrect my dormant account and try and do a few things with it. You can find me there under michaelgutierrezmay.


Quiet month. The Virtual House Concert with myself and PJ Rogue (Paul Rogoshewski) on May 6th went very well and we have had 337 views of the concert on the website to date. We may do another Concert in July, maybe with a third special guest. You can find the video of our concert on the Facebook website at It's a little over an hour so sit back and take it all in if you have time.

I am unable to take place in the Musicians Without Borders solstice concert on Thursday, June 21st at Ultrasound Studios in Hanover this year, due to being out of town visiting family in Virginia. I will also miss participating in the Masssachusetts Walking Tour concerts this year, for the same reason. They will be up and around the Connecticut River this year and they are both walking and canoeing on the river as part of their tour.  The link to the Facebook page for this tour is

On June 26th, the finals of the Padavano Place Singer/Songwriter contest in Worcester will take place and it should be a great night with $1000 going to the winner. I participated in week #3 and my friend Sean Ryder participated in three contest nights, just missing out on winning on the third night. The winner on my night, Elizabeth Munger is a musician to watch, sort of like an up and coming Ani DeFranco. A great cross section of contestants from Worcester and the greater Boston area have been participants and if you can come out on a Tuesday night in June to see the competition, do so.

The group All Types of Kinds from Long Island, NY promotes fellow artists in each of their weekly newsletters. Since you will only get the occasional email from me, I will use my monthly music news update to make a recommendation for you. This month, the recommended artist is the Adam Ezra Group from Boston and their 2017 release, Hurricane Wind. You can find them at Go check out the ATOK guys too at They have been nice enough to sign up as my fans,too.


A month's worth of gigs has come and gone and I am in a quiet spell for the moment. March 2018 was probably my busiest month yet as a performer: two songwriter showcases in Lowell and Putnam, Ct. , one shared night at Brooklyn Coffee and Tea in Providence and an open mike feature at Coffee Coffee in Salem,NH.

My next project will be filming a virtual house concert with my friend PJ Rogue at Bob Crownfield's home in Plymouth. Paul and I had something of a warmup for this at my end of summer party last year when we traded songs in front of 10-15 house guests.  This will be broadcast on Facebook Live and I am confident that Paul and I will put on a good show. The show will go for 45 minutes and is tenatively scheduled for Sunday, May 6th.

On June 21st, I will be part of the Musicians Without Borders day at Ultrasound Studios in Hanover from 7pm until probably midnight. Coordinated by my friend Colette O'Connor, who has been getting all kinds of well-deserved recognition lately ( , we will each perform two song sets. It's good to see music stepping its toe into the world of social activism and justice.

I am continuing with my monthly songwriters' group in Putnam, Ct. on the first Saturday of every month from 1-4 pm at Victoria Station Cafe.  If you are interested in joining, leave a message on Facebook with the Quiet Corner Songwriters Group, which is coordinated by Kala Farnham.


I'm on a playlist, I'm on a playlist (jumps around goofily) !

And a really good playlist, too! Compiled by Cameron Cotham of the band Front and Turner, my song You Don't Know My World is featured with 21 other songs from people I mostly didn't know before,but are doing some really nice musical things. The ones I knew about were Carlin Tripp and The Promise Is Hope. So here is the playlist link-go listen:



Happy 2018! Finally!

it's been a tough  year. I can report that the album release event at Catbird Cafe on 12/27 went well despite the cold weather. I was onstage with Eric "Snake' Guiiiksen (my album producer), Stephen Martin, Raianne Richards and Colette O'Connor. We went through most of the songs on the album and had a great time. Snake recorded the session and once he gets it to me, I will release the audio here or possibly on Soundcloud so you can hear it too,

The new year started for me with a visit to Quiet Corner Songwriting Group in Putnam, Ct. which is my new monthly home for trying out new songs. Last Saturday's session was packed with 15 artists and I expect that this group will continue to be active for the rest of 2018. At the beginning of February, I will return to the February Album Writing Month site (year 11) and work on 14 songs in 28 days alongside collaborators all across the nation and all across the world.

March and April take me to Putnam, CT, Lowell, MA and Salem, NH all for the first time. In Putnam, I will be one of the performers for the Quiet Corner Songwriters Showcase organized by Kala Farnham.  The Lowell and Salem venues are organized by Aaron Tornberg who was good enough to invite me to do first a songwriter showcase and then an open mike feature. Beyond then into the rest of 2018, I'm not sure what I will be doing. Three goals I have are to play at a festival, play at Club Passim and also play somewhere on the North Shore or in Western Mass.  I also want to win some kind of recognition as a songwriter so I'll be entering a few contests here and there.

I did a Spotify playlist for myself and other songwriters I know (and also a couple I only encountered for the first time while putting the playlist together) under the theme You Don't Know My World. The link for the Spotify playlist is here:


Some exciting news-the new album has been getting airplay!

Artie Martello in New York has two shows: Mostly Folk during the week and Power Folk on Sundays as part of a series called Blues and Roots Radio (web During October and November, Artie included my song "Air" on his Mostly Folk show and included "You Can't Take My Carrot" on the Power Folk show. Artie has also played Neponset RIver Murder Ballad on the Mostly Folk Anniversary Show in November and May, 1970 on the Power Folk show. As a result of this show, I am networking with other musicians across the country and also getting to know better some other New England artists. Artie is being a great supporter of the songs on my album and more songs may be included in future shows.

Nick Noble at WICN-FM in Worcester, Mass has been a stalwart supporter of folk and acoustic music in Central Massachusetts and I was part of a WICN-FM radio show fundraiser this past Summer. This coming week, Nick is featuring a couple of my songs on his Folk Tradition show on Thursday Night and the theme of the show is Nothing But New Songs. So far Nick has played my Once There Was Paragon song and more songs may be getting play in the new year.

The Open Mike feature at Mediator Stage with Eric "Snake" Gulliksen on OCtober 26th went very well and Don Tassone posted some great pictures and a couple videos of my appearance there. See my Facebook page at to see it for yourselves.

Coming up in December: the album release party at Catbird Cafe!

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