It's a New Place, A New Life

Almost six months since a blog entry and that's been way too long. But May, June and July, 2014 have been transformational, life changing months in my life. I left the South Shore at the end of May, moved here to Uxbridge to be with Diane, starting working two new part-time jobs and rented my condo in Weymouth to a very nice young woman who moved up to the area from Rhode Island to work at REI at Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham. The World Cup and Wimbledon have come and gone. Lots of stuff happening on the South Shore with music that makes me wish I were still living there. Not enough time so far to appreciate my new environment. That will come, I believe,

I started this year's 5090 in a kind of tepid fashion: only one song so far, but it is the song I wanted to complete for the past couple months. That song is here: You have to have some peace of mind in order to be creative and that has been elusive up until now. I want to try and do more this week and next and continue through the summer.

A potential emergency has sidelined the money I wanted to put aside for a new album. Maybe I can still get there. Maybe I should try and crowdfund through Indiegogo. Might be fun even if I don't reach the goal. The goal would be $3,000, nothing fancy but enough to pay something to a producer and afford a fair amount of studio time to put down the 12-13 songs I am thinking of including on the album. I could count on some help from a lot of musician friends.

This raises the interesting question of when is an investment in my artistic aspirations worth the money, time and effort. I don't see much beyond open mike features and songwriting showcases happening in the next months (and really, that may be great and would suffice-yes, Robert Frost, I stole that from you.) I have been trying some more commercial things, such as the New England to Nashville showcases where active cowriting seems to be going on all the time. I've been doing surprisingly well on Reverb Nation since April, never leaving my local folk top 10 and getting as high as #2 for a couple weeks. So to be completely discouraged would be silly. But truly, where do I go from here?

It's been a beautiful summer. Staying outdoors for the most part has not been a bad idea. This summer really is an exercise in "to be continued." New place, new life for me.


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