The Rebirth of Tenderness and Joy

I was talking with Eric Gulliksen, the producer of my forthcoming album and he mentioned that he had discovered my album musical Tenderness and Joy from 2008-2009 and commented that there were some nice things on there. I had buried Tenderness feeling that although I worked on it for two years, it still needed a lot more work and it was recorded in my previous quick and dirty fashion with Chris Billius at Bristol Studios in Boston. But it can't be worked on if it stays buried and it was studio produced, after all. So this week I have decided to resurrect it for listening and downloading on Bandcamp.

The basic idea was to set a musical in an alternative newspaper setting around four friends working there: the office manager, the star reporter, another beat reporter and the newspaper editor. I borrowed their personalities from some close friends including myself. I wrote a script to go along with the songs. It would be fun to produce it with appropriate revising and editing by someone more professional than I at doing this. For now, it can just be there for the listening. Check it out if you have a few minutes to do so. The album link is here:

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