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Michael Gutierrez-May

I am a singer-songwriter who has been focusing on songwriting and collaborations at the moment along with occasional live performances. I have been involved in folk and acoustic music for the past 30 years as a coffeehouse manager, concert organizer and now as a songwriter and occasional performer.

I first became involved in folk and acoustic music in the early 1980's. I have been writing songs since I was 16 years old. I was formerly the manager of Peacock Coffeehouse in Jamaica Plain, Mass. which had an illustrious two and a half year run from February, 1986 to June, 1988. Shortly after the coffeehouse closed, I recorded a demo tape of ten songs I had written, performed at some open mike showcases and promptly crawled back into my shell, not ready to do more than just that with my music. Some 25 years later, I then created a demo CD of a musical, Tenderness and Joy recorded at Bristol Studios in Boston in 2009. Not much happened with this, but it was fun.


I  now have three albums and a fourth is on the way. My first EP/Album, Fifty Miles Away was completed in May, 2011 featuring five studio recordings with contributions from musician friends near and far away. My second album, Carrots, Geese and The Dead Leprechaun was completed in July, 2012 as a compilation of live recordings. These are some of the humorous songs I have written and it is available as a digital download album. The third album, Firefly In a Jar of Emotion is my first professionally recorded album with contributions from several different musician friends and produced by Eric "Snake" Gulliksen, the legendary bassist for the former soft-rock group Orpheus and currently a solo artist himself. This is now available as a download on this site.

The new album, Drifting To The Right is in process. Please refer to the Drifting section of this website for further information.

Over the past 10 years now, I have participated in the annual February Album Writing Months (FAWM). Many of the songs on the new album started their life as FAWM songs. I am also part of a songwriting group called the Quiet Corner Songwriters Meetup and all of the Drifting songs were presented there, some for the first time. 

 Check the Calendar section here for upcoming scheduled performances. Thank you for your interest in my creative work.