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June 2020: No feature for July 11th. I will instead participate in the Catbird Cafe virtual open mike on that date. I have plans to start a new album with Stephen Martin as producer as soon as feasable, to be titled Drifting To The Right.

It's March, 2020 and things are very twilight zone at the present time. COVID-19 has arrived.

In September 2017, I completed my first full-length professionally recorded album, Firefly In A Jar Of Emotion recorded at Rich Kneeland's (Knewts) home studio in Pomfret, Conn. My lead producer was Eric "Snake" Gulliksen, the legendary bassist  from the original Orpheus band who is also recording an album of his own at Knewts' studio and helping to produce other artists there as well. John "Woody" Witti also assisted on production sessions. lending his years of musical experience to my project. A special word of thanks to Woody, who passed away this past March and was a kind and gentle soul as well as just fun to be around.

The album is now almost two years old. It received some airplay on folk music stations, most notably Artie Martello's Mostly Folk and Power Folk stations. I have gotten some airplay on WICN-FM in Worcester with Nick Noble's Folk Revival,  WCUW-FM in Worcester and Jon Colcord's Out Of The Woods Program in Concord, NH as well.

Rich collaborative resources contributed to the sound of the album, including Tom Hyer (piano/synth), Raianne Richards (clarinet), Colette O'Connor (vocals and co-producer of the Neponset River song), Edward De Ford (vocals and ukelele), Jhanu Larkin (percussion), Rick Quimby (banjo) and PJ Rogue (vocals). Stephen Martin, Snake's partner in the Stephen and the Snake band and also an original member of Orpheus, plays blues harp/harmonica on three tracks and Snake plays bass guitar on all but two songs (and also adds vocals to the Carrot song, along with Stephen, Kathe Donlan and John WItti). Chris Glanville and David Stimson contribute as well playing flute on two songs.

My niece Ashley Mauzy designed the album cover. Ashley is now a professional graphic design artist working in Lynchburg, VA and as her uncle, I am very proud to feature her work on my album. Lyrics for the songs are now posted on this website under Firefly In a Jar of Emotion.

This is her cover design:


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