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Like a Mariah Carey or a Johnny Cash, certain singer-songwriters develop a uniquely personalized style. Mike G and his collaborators on the album “Firefly In A Jar of Emotion” have set a finely-crafted musical harmony around memorabilia. Delivered with a non-conformist, from-the-heart tone, “Bicycles To Somalia” is the song here that could become a world-wide hit. Sentiment to reach out to the world is extended here with this album's “You Don’t Know My World” and “May 1970”, is a glance backward at the senselessness of the Vietnam War. “Once There Was Paragon” rounds out this exceptional album.” - John Zubeck, PhD
 Artist: Michael Gutierrez-May Album: Carrots, Geese and the Dead Leprechaun. Performing alone, or with only the sparest of accompaniment, Michael Gutierrez-May is able to fully convey his offbeat world view. There are plenty of laughs along the way. Recorded live at the Catbird Café at the New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and at the Pilgrim Sands Motel in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Carrots, Geese and the Dead Leprechaun ends up as a one-man showcase of knee-slapping jokes, wise-cracking observations about the world around us and some very weird intersections with animals and food. Gutierrez-May wrote the music and lyrics on Carrots, Geese and the Dead Leprechaun, with the exception of three songs: “I Hate Geese” features music from Christopher B. White; “The Ballad of Dum Dum” includes music from Laree Cisco; and “You Can Catch More Flies” has lyrics composed by Mari Koslowski. With “A Puerto Rican on the Moon,” Gutierrez-May imagines the food and festivities that one half of his family tree might bring to the arid moonscape’s monotony. Finally, there’s “Groucho,” a harmonica-driven bonus track that bemoans the fact that comedian Groucho Marx isn’t the subject of more songs. Then something occurs to him: “Is it because he couldn’t sing?” There could be no more perfect ending?” - Nick De Riso

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Artist: Michael Gutierrez-May Album: Carrots, Geese and the Dead Leprechaun. Involved in folk and acoustic music for 30 years, it’s taken awhile for Michael Gutierrez-May to embrace performing live. Having written songs since he was 16, it wasn’t until recently that Gutierrez-May jumped back into the limelight with his latest Carrots, Geese and the Dead Leprechaun. Described as “live recorded funny songs,” that is exactly what the 14-track LP entails. Compiled of quirky tracks and even more intriguing onstage banter, the singer grabs the listener’s attention. A gripping storyteller, many of the songs make the listener want to pay attention to find out what happens by the song’s end. Audience participation on “You Can’t Take My Carrot” helps invigorate the album before bonus track “Groucho” closes the well named release. ” - Annie Reuter

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Artist: Michael Gutierrez-May Album: Fifty Miles Away As a singer/songwriter from Massachusetts, Michael showcases his versatile folk talents and writing abilities on his first release of five songs on Fifty Miles Away. Michael’s slightly humorous, quirky, and catchy little songs illustrate the poignant personality and creator of simple ballads and meaningful pieces of aural art. The only instrument of choice is the acoustic guitar, which sounds very raw and natural without any percussion accompaniment or electrified guitar sounds indicative of folk-rock arrangements. The sauntering guitar and slowly-played harmonica signal the start of “Groucho,” a clear ode to the famous Groucho Marx. The addition of Stephen Martin and Collette O’Connor provide a more rounded ensemble sound. “Tea and Aspirin” featuring Expendable Friend from the UK is a short song under two-minutes in length that describes the feelings of tolerating illness. “Gabrielle” opens with a folksy, acoustic guitar rhythm without additional instrumentation or vocals. Deborah Linden and Robyn MacKenzie provide vocal and violin accompaniment that is very good. Michael is an introspective singer, songwriter, and guitarist that successfully creates musical pieces with a raw and talented repertoire. ” - Matthew Forss

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 It’s never too late to start your musical career, and Michael Gutierrez-May is living proof of that. An up and coming singer-songwriter from Massachusetts, Michael has been involved in the music scene for the past 30 years as a coffeehouse manager, concert organizer, and now his new found love for writing songs and performing them to the masses. His newest effort titled Fifty Miles Away highlights five songs that were recorded in the dead of winter 2011. What came out of said winter is a ray of sunshine and warmth. Opening the album is the title track “Fifty Miles Away,” a quirky little love song that is unconventional and certainly catchy. “Gabrielle,” is filled with blissful harmonies, a slight violin, and enchanting tones. “Tea and Aspirin,” is a charming song about feeling under the weather. Heading into the song “Groucho,” which is undeniably about the late, great comedian, Groucho Marx, will strike you as a bit off beat and out of the normal, but nothing is really ordinary on this album.. Closing the EP is “The Albino and The Transvestite,” which comes across as more Antifolk (think The Moldy Peaches and early Regina Spektor), then folk, which is definitely not a bad thing. Michael is not only a great musician but he is also an amazing lyricist. The stories that are told on this album are touching and intriguing. Michael has released an exceptional piece of work that will certainly be making the rounds amongst indie and folk circles alike. He may only be getting his musical career off the ground, but it is already flying high.” - Melissa Nastasi

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Quirky, sweet wit...Michael Gutierrez-May performed a stellar opening set.”

— Willie Gaines (Dixie Prix), Facebook

Michael, your CD is brilliant!”

— David Rieth (Bloomingfields), Facebook